About Company

YNB Marketing is a multi-disciplinary marketing company, home to a bunch of enthusiastic & creative minds.

About YNB

Our work encompasses branding and consulting, search engine optimization and social media marketing, brand identity creation and development, websites and digital experiences, advertising, and communications. Our partners are all practicing marketers with years of experience.

The vast industry knowledge of our marketers helps us serve clients in multiple domains, including healthcare, eCommerce, interior, and telecom.

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How an effective strategy partner operates?

Takes a pragmatic approach 

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Understands your customers

An effective strategy should obsess over every nuance of a brand’s ideal customer – their likes, dislikes, motivations, behavior, and decision patterns. That’s what can help you create a brand voice that is in sync with your customer’s persona.

Actively monitors and optimizes

But of course, the strategy developed is not written in stone. No doubt, having a strategy is essential, but so is knowing when to adjust it. It all boils down to a few tests, trials, and errors and accordingly evolving your marketing strategy based on the data obtained. You’re likely wasting your precious time and resources if you are not optimizing your marketing strategy with the evolving times.

Keeps your vision in mind

A strategic partner understands the value of your vision for your brand and know how to deliver their best to define and sharpen your goals to bring the viable solutions. No matter which stage of your business you are on, finding your creative voice will help you thrive in the fast-changing digital world.

Our marketing strategy process

At YNB, we create data-driven, journey-based marketing strategies for our clients that enable us to serve brands effectively across a wide range of industries and of varied sizes.

Data Gathering + Analysis

It’s all about uncovering the cold, hard facts by pulling data from every available source – industry research, first-party data, competitor research, previous campaign performance, surveys, customer interviews, surveys, and more. We leave no stone unturned to learn about your audience and identify the key challenges before formulating the ideas.

Audience + Competitor Research

We dig deeper into your market to understand what problems your audiences face and what makes them tick. This helps us to connect with them and leave a lasting impression.

We also do an effective competitive analysis in identifying where your business can find the advantage.

Strategy Development

Blending art and science to find opportunities and generate insights for identifying new and imaginative ways to build, engage, and convert your key audiences.

Channel Planning

It’s all about marketing in the right place and in the right way! We use our years of experience and the data to figure out what combination of paid, owned, and earned media channels would have the best impact. We’ll then accordingly create a marketing plan for using each of those channels to its fullest potential.

Creative Brief

We will help you come up with the brand voice and creative styles that will connect your audience to your brand.

Our designers will create visually compelling, journey-driven content that turns our insights into outstanding brand storytelling.

Evaluation & Optimization

Digital marketing is a world where things evolve at a fast pace, and thus, your brand strategy should be a living thing that changes to keep up with the market. We aim to revisit marketing strategies regularly, making improvements by measuring performance, taking into account new data, assess whether the market has shifted, and adjust course accordingly.